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An improv dance program for older adults

I propose an improv dance program for older adults.  I am a 79 year old woman with friends ages 60-90.  We would have to tone it down from contemporary stage performance and make adjustments so it was gentle.  Imagine that one of us demonstrates a move straight out of our heads and everyone tries it, and the next person invents a step that comes to them from the music.  Imagine that music was no louder than it would be in your living room.  Whatever one could do would be perfectly all right.  Laughter and talking are encouraged.  Little by little we would loose our shyness and take pride on working together.  Imagine how much we would learn about one another.

We could find an Improv Dance teacher to teach us, but not lead us.  We would learn, together to work as a team in a friendly, cooperative process and use our imagination through movement.  Sometimes a person would lead, and sometimes follow.

The Economist magazine leads with the heading for April 26, 2014, “A Billion Shades of Grey,” which speaks for itself as to the potential numbers of older adults who might enjoy and support a different kind of exercise. I say, there is more to exercise than following the leader. Our brains can do more.  I would like to try it.

©Nancy Haydon Gray, June 7, 2014, Newark, Delaware