Life with Good Humor is to share what I have figured out in 80 years.  You will read about thriving when life flip-flops, moving to where you are a stranger, and studying at a university and learning new technologies with young adults.  I will share with you my unfinished stories, too, and you will think of your own ideas, with good heart and humor; that is the way sharing works.  I will go over some heavy duty practical things so you don’t have to figure them out on your own.

Just Think – My Advocacy is my worry column. I am angry about gross inequality, the elephant in the room in our United States. All of us thrive when life is fair, and it is not now. There is no hiding from social injustice. The rest of the world looks to us, and we are letting them down.

Stories and Play for Children are my gifts of stories and truly inexpensive play with no loud noises, mayhem or flicker. There will be stories where I don’t know the details, and I don’t know how they turn out. Your little ones will have no trouble telling you. Have fun with the marvelous inventiveness of a child’s mind.   If your child solves some of my dilemmas, and you tell me, I will publish a new version and add his or her first name.

Books, Poetry, Writing and the English Language – My first book of poetry is autobiographical, feminist and cheerful with sketches from all over the world.  It is Breaking the Surface and the Importance of Breathing.   It will be available soon on the web.  In this section, I will post poetry, essays and chapters I am working on for future books as they change and grow.

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