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With My Therapist: Microwave Tale

Microwave Tale

She: Why was I standing there laughing at myself this morning in my kitchen? I was thinking, Why is it that you have such a clean microwave oven? Well, the reason is that once again I blew something up in it.

Therapist: How often does that happen, Nancy?

She: Oh, about once a week. Maybe I should put it on for just a few seconds and not press the minute button.

Therapist: You think?

She: you see, this morning, the sunshine coming in the window overwhelmed me. This is the third consecutive warm day in New England this year. That caused me a moment of utter joy. I was distracted.

Therapist: What was it?

She: Milk for my coffee.

Therapist: Besides the weather, would you like to talk about why you were laughing?

She: Yes, thank you for asking. I was thinking of going over to Gail Ann’s Coffee Shop and spending $1.50 for a really good cup of coffee and having a nice chat, but decided not to indulge myself.

Therapist: Anything else?

She: OK, are you charging, or is this free?

Therapist: I’ll tell you later, but your story better be good.

She: Desperate Housewives opened last night with one of the women using a mop, upside down washing spaghetti sauce off of her ceiling.

Therapist: Yeh, and her husband walked in and reminded her she had done that before!

She: So, my visit is free?

Therapist: You bet.

She: Have a great morning, dear therapist.




There is underclass everywhere
And upper class just a bit.
In between we fall into rank,
Depends on how hungry we are.

If we need fed down deep,
Then the village’s got to help.
But folks can be deaf as a post
If the helping curve’s too steep.

There is always tomorrow
To fix somebody else’s yoke.
I got home safely today
There’s TV, supper and so

The fate of others is there,
But I didn’t feel it today.
Yet, I am beginning to think
Maybe I’d better care.

© Nancy Haydon Gray,  July 1, 2014, Newark, DE