It is a long way to rhetoric for a five year old

I was having a delightful chat about how to print the alphabet with a five year old at the Boys and Girls Club in Newark. He was doing very well, and we got to Z before his father came to pick him up. I started to think of the long road between ABCs and composition and then rhetoric. I realized I had written examples for him that were not the way he had been taught. I told him grown ups get so careless and that he was right and I was wrong and he was just brilliant because he knew how to do them right.

He will progress from small letters, to both small and big letters which mean the same thing, to tiny words through phonics and word shapes, to reading little words and being sure he skips to the very next line, then bigger words. Think of all the steps. We can write or print carelessly because we can derive meaning from context. This child is far from that point, bit will take only a few more years until he can do the same. What wonderful, darling beings little kids are.

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